Husband Wanted To Watch

I have been dating Paula for the past six months. She is forty-six and is in an open marriage. She and her husband Dan permit each other to date outside their marriage as long as they are open and honest as to whom and when they are dating. Last week, Paula told me that Dan wanted to watch her with another man and asked me if I was game. It seemed like a weird request, but the whole arrangement was bizarre and I figured what the heck. Last night, Paula and I went out for dinner, and then she invited me back to their house. We sat down in the living room to watch a movie and Dan joined us. As the movie was showing, Paula and I start to kiss and touch each other. It wasn't long before we were really making out and I heard Dan in the background getting excited. Paula and I ended up on the living room floor with Dan sitting there taking it all in. After we finished, Dan took Paula on the floor again. I admit it was a turn on to watch them and I was able to take one more turn with Paula after Dan had finished. I left shortly after my second time with Paula, but today Paula called and told me Dan was so turned on by the whole thing that they made love twice more after I left. I'm glad I could help spice up their marriage!

— Cameron, 31