Tights And Leotards

This happened a very long time ago; at least it seems like it was a million years ago now. But, when I was younger, I had a girlfriend. She was into ballet and wore leotards and tights. I loved the way she looked in them, but most of all I loved the way they felt on her; so much so that just running my hands over her legs would get me excited right away. She would work out doing her ballet stuff sometime well into the evenings after school and, since she had a key that was given to her for the gym/ballet room, she could come and go as she pleased. One day late in the afternoon on a Friday when no one would be around, she asked me to come with her to gym/ballet room to watch her. It was a separate building from the main building. After about half an hour, she turned to me and flat out said, "I bet your legs would look great in tights." I was shocked and did not know what to say. I must have gone very red in the face or something, as she acted on it very soon after. After feeling the tights and leotards on her, I had a secret fantasy of wanting to try them on just to see what it would feel like. But, I never acted on it because it just felt too weird. She kept on pushing and pushing the issue of wanting me to wear tights, and she said the guys that do ballet wear them with t-shirt. I gave in after a while and said, "Fine then, I will wear them." Before I knew it, she had me by the hand pulling me into the changing room. Out of what seemed like nowhere, she had found some tights for me. My gut feeling well after the fact is that she had secretly been planning this all along. Everything was just too handy to be not thought out. But, there I was in tights, pink girl's ballet slippers, and my t shirt doing ballet with her for nearly an hour. The following week this happened again; she had me in ballet tights. I never had to guts to tell her how very nice they felt and I was loving all this, but instead I was making faces and comments that I am not liking this. I did not want her to think I was some girly-boy; not just for liking the tights, but loving how they and the soft ballet slippers felt on me too. Since then, I have been hooked on wearing tights and I love it. By the way, I am very straight I have no gay or bi sexual fantasies at all. As time went on, it got even hotter and on one of those nights she spanked me after putting me in all pink tights and leotards. After that, she made a man out of me in the equipment room on some gym mates. For any of you thinking that those thin little ballet girls are weak, let me tell you they are strong! The first time she had me do a full two hour ballet work out with her, I was so sore all over the next day that I felt like a truck hit me. Later on, after that first night, she admitted that she has bi feelings but does not want to really do it with some other girl. But, she loves the way I looked in the tights and leotards. She then confessed to liking spankings, both giving and getting. She said she liked to give more then get them, though. After all this came out, I was wearing tights and leotards much more often. As I said, I am not gay or bi, but I sure have come to love tights and I do wear them and enjoy them. I just wish I could go out in public in them without being found out.

— Claude, 43