Hot Summer Night

When it's early July in Southern California, it's hot outside even after the sun goes down. One night, I had too many male clothes on, so I took them all off and put on some of my sexy female lingerie. I've been cross-dressing for many years and have a lingerie collection that any woman would be proud of. I put on the following: a size 38-C black demi bra, pink and black bikini panties, black fishnet nylons, a black halter, and a babydoll. I felt real sexy! With my excess breast fat that I have had all my life and the push up falsies, I fill out my 38-C cups; I have some nice cleavage. I'd love to have my ex-Asian wife see me dressed like this. She divorced me when she caught me in her bra and panties. I'd love to go outside right now, but my neighbors might see me. Don't want that!

— Glen, 68