Panty Tale

There is a lot of panty fantasy, but panties never were much to me. However, I do have a hot panty tale. I got myself a beautiful Asian woman for my second wife, and she's kind of a nympho. In Asia, she didn't wear panties because of the heat. When I introduced her to crotch-less panties here in the states, she was very happy, as were a few other people! Well, one night when going to bed, she told me that the big lab guard dog for our townhouses had sniffed and licked her naked crotch that afternoon when she was bending over taking out the groceries from the trunk of her car! I really think she was pissed and wanted me to do something about that dog. Of course, it only turned me on, as "doggy" is her favorite position, which we were soon doing! We both had mind blowing orgasms! Wow!

— Lamar, 48