Neighbor Lust

I learned a great lesson about sex from this. "Go For It" or it will never happen! This includes you guys who want your wife to have other men and women, as it works for me. After graduating high school, I had some free time before going in the army. So, I hung out in the backyard doing gardening. One day, I became instantly alerted to the fact that there was a new neighbor. She was one of the sexiest women I have ever seen, a young, tan, Mexican sweetheart with long hair. It was instant lust, and for some days all I could think of was how to attract her attention. It took about two weeks before I noticed that she would come out when I was out. I even whistled "I'm In The Mood For Love" every time as a signal. I noticed that she appeared to be married to a decent looking guy. They had two kids, and I really thought I had no chance. Finally, after a month, I started to greet her, but I was scared and actually shaking in my boots! I learned from another neighbor that this sweetheart had a clothes dresser for sale. So, I finally managed, after sweating my move out for a couple of hours, to blurt out that I would like to see about buying her dresser. She didn't hesitate to invite me over, and over the fence I went! I followed her into her bedroom, and she pointed out the dresser, but all I could think about was my next move as I just stared at her. I can imagine that by now she knew what I wanted! We were very close together, and the next thing I knew, I had her in my arms and was French kissing her passionately. Somehow, she fell back on her bed, and I was right on top of her! We were in the process of getting ready to have sex when we heard the voice of one of her kids calling out for Mommy! The kid had come home early from school! My woman jumped up, re-arranging herself, and then went out. I managed to say bye as I slipped out of the house. I tried to get her attention over the next days, but she did not respond. After a month or so, they moved. I still dream about her and cuss myself for waiting so long to make my move. I even looked for her but with no luck. However, I happened to recently locate her, and she is still beautiful. I am once again the hunter!

— Daniel, 48