Sloppy Seconds

I have often told Julia, my wife of twenty-two years, that if she ever found someone she would like to fool around with, to let me know and I would be cool with it. I'd rather know about it than be blindsided; plus, there is a part of me that gets turned on thinking about my wife with another man. She always smiles and says, "I sure will." Last week, she told me that she found someone. I couldn't believe it when she told me it was our twenty-one year old son's best friend Tyler. Julia is nice looking for forty-two, but she has gained some weight, dresses and acts fairly conservatively, and I never thought she would catch the eye of a man twenty years younger, especially Tyler. He is at least six foot four and a good looking, athletic kid. I asked her if she was sure Tyler was interested. She told me that he had been flirting with her since he was in high school and that the past few months he was really pursuing her. She confessed to being excited at the thought of being with such a desirable young man. I admit I was a little concerned with my wife being with Tyler; but I was the one that had talked about it, so I felt that I had to let her go through with it. I told her to go for it, but to be very discreet because it could be potentially embarrassing for us all. Yesterday, I came home from work and Julia met me at the door in a new, very sexy, black corset and asked me if I was interested in sloppy seconds.

— Craig, 43