Sexual Friendship

I have a very close friend who resides far away from my house and I visit him at least once a month. One day when I went to meet him, he was not at home and I waited for him. His mother offered coffee to me. She always looked sexy and I already had many fantasies of her. I went to ease myself in the bathroom when I noticed that she was peeping through the keyhole. Pretending not to know this, I turned towards the keyhole and started to pleasure myself. I could still see her watching me. When I came out, she was feeling uncomfortable and I was feeling shy and ashamed. I gathered up my courage and asked her what she wanted. She again was shy and said nothing. I then asked her to come out and tell me freely. She said that she wanted to watch me pleasure myself. I told her that she had already seen it and she said that she wanted to see it again very badly. I slowly hugged and kissed her. She started to shiver, so I hugged her tightly and asked her to calm down. I began to pleasure myself in front of her and she enjoyed every bit of it. I offered to have sex with her, but she declined. She said that she only wanted only to watch and I accepted that. From then on, we used to enjoy it whenever we had a chance. She would act like a master and me as her slave; she would order me to do sexual acts. Once, she even showcased my pleasuring to two of her friends and they enjoyed it thoroughly. But whenever we are alone, she will be naked and order me to do all kinds of naughty acts. I will do it as ordered. Sometimes, I try to take things further, but I once got slapped for that. She is a nice lady and I enjoy her sexual friendship.

— Phillip, 45