Pantyhose Fetish

I have a fetish for pantyhose since I was younger. Needless to say, my first experience of them came from my sister and mom, but then I quickly expanded my exploration to other relatives such as my cousins and aunts. Whenever I visit their place, I will sneak into their bedroom hamper to take any worn pantyhose and then sniff them like crazy. The scent of women on them excites me. The best pair I have is from my aunt; she has super sexy legs amongst the women I know. To this day, she's still a sexual fantasy of mine, even though I'm married. Her legs in black pantyhose will make me excited in no time. Too bad I don't have the guts to have an experience with her; I guess it will all remain as fantasy. In college, I used to steal pantyhose from my roommates and other people living in the dorm, especially during the laundry sessions. It's like heaven there! I used to collect over ten pairs, and then sniff them all night.

— Roy, 34