On my last vacation, I went camping at different state parks for two weeks. I enjoy my time alone and walking the nature trails in somewhat feminine clothes; usually, a pair of short shorts, a girl's t-shirt, wedge flip flops, and a toe ring. I always wear a pair of bright panties or thongs underneath so I'll have a visible panty line. I'm shaved all over and have pretty sexy, girlish legs. I always go out early in the morning to avoid a lot of people. On my second day, I had an older man follow me until we were mid-way on the trail. He called out and asked me to wait up for him. He told me that I looked like quite a sissy and asked if I like to do girly things. I told him I did and we went off the path a ways, where I gave him oral. He came back to my tent that evening to find out what other girly things I would do. The next day, I was invited to his RV before he left.

— Brett, 32