Panty Wearer And A Bit More

I am a bigger guy, married for almost four years to a great woman. I have been wearing panties for about a year now. I wear them almost all the time. She knows and supports me and, even though she is still not 100% comfortable with me having "cuter" panties than her, she has even helped me buy some. While I'm confessing, I might as well get it all off my chest. I am not sure I want to be cuckolded, but I would love to watch another man take my wife, kiss her, and stuff like that. She is bi and I've encouraged her to find a guy or girl she is interested in, but the right situation has never come up. I have also fooled around with a few guys, never tried full sex, but I've always been curious what it would be like to dress as a woman, and be treated as someone's sweet girl. I am always in some sort of sexual mood, and I even get turned on at the thought of diapers. I guess I had a lot to confess.

— Todd, 25