First Gay Experience

When I was younger, had my first gay experience. The neighbor's son invited me to see a car one night. He said he wanted to show me something about cars; well he did show something, but it was more than the car. He sat on the passenger side and I sat on the driver side. The next thing he did was to pull out his privates. At the time, I got scared, but he told me there was nothing to fear. He instructed me on what to do, but I got really scared and ran away from the car. When I got to my room, I kept thinking about it all night long. I had mixed feelings; in my family, been gay was not acceptable at all. Two days went by, and then I saw him again. This time, my blood was on fire. He invited me again and told me he would be waiting for me that night. This time, I had decided to go all the way. Once in the car, I began by using my hands, and then moved on to oral sex. It was such a great experience. At that time, I did realize that I was gay. The next day, his brother asked me to come to his room to play. However, once I was in the room, he said, "I bet you I have a bigger package than yours, do you want to see it?" I said, "Let me see it." He immediately complied again, my blood was on fire. Before I knew it, we were having full sex and I loved it. I was left hungry for more, but that is another story.

— Bruce, 49