Not Just For Women

I love curlers! I have been going to a regular beauty parlor for a wash and roller set for over a decade. I just came back again and it's a wonderful look! Setting my own hair used to be such a chore, but now it's just fantastic. Gone are the days of wearing my mothers' dresses when I was alone for a week -- I loved the way I looked -- but I just can't get enough of those curlers! When I set my own hair, it never really came out the same way twice, but I did a good job. Now, I just go to my regular beauty parlor and get set in ten minutes flat! No more setting up mirrors, the clumsy C-clamp curlers, the lotions, or anything else. I did get a little tired of walking around the streets at night in the best dress just to let my set dry, but I now get the same hairdo every week. Curlers are not really just for women anymore!

— Marco, 47