Fair Trade Value

I am twenty-eight years old, married, and the manager of an athletic shoe and clothing store. This morning I was working alone, and just minutes after I opened the doors, I had my first customer. She was probably late forties or early fifties; a nice looking large woman, but her cleavage was what was memorable. She had a massive chest which she was displaying very nicely. I couldn't take my eyes of her chest as I walked over and asked what I could do for her. She told me that it was her grandson's eighth birthday and he wanted a certain basketball shoe. I showed her what was available in his size, but the whole time I was helping her, I was fighting myself unsuccessfully to keep from staring into her deep cleavage. As she was holding and looking at the basketball shoe, she said, "You must really like them." I said, "Pardon me?" She said, "My breasts. You must really like them; you keep staring at them." I was a little surprised that it was that obvious, but I replied, "They are magnificent, and pardon me for staring." She smiled and said, "I'm used to it," and then added, "Would you like a closer look?" I was stunned. She leaned closer and whispered, "For a small discount on these shoes I could open a few more buttons on my blouse." We were the only ones in the store and so I said, "Sure, 25% off." She set the shoe was holding down and slowly unbuttoned four or five buttons and pulled her blouse slightly open to reveal her beautiful large bosom, held back by a sheer see through black bra. She then asked me, "Does your wife have a chest like this?" At the mention of my wife, I let out a small moan and said, "No, nothing even close. They are simply amazing." She then very quietly said, "For 50% off, I'll take my bra off." I said, "We better go to my office." I pointed her to the back and I followed her with my heart about to explode. Nothing like this ever happens to me. We got to my office and she sat on my desk with her shirt now completely unbuttoned. She reached up and unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and they fall completely out. They truly are extra-ordinary and I told her so. At this point, I was touching myself and staring at her huge globes. She said, "What would your wife think if she saw us now? I know my husband would be very angry." I had my manhood in my hand when she said, "100% off and I'll let you touch them." I reached out with my free hand and began to message them and we both were enjoying it. We cleaned and straightened up, and then I gave her the shoes and thanked her for a great start to my day. She said that it was the most exciting thing she had done in years and that she would be back soon to trade for more shoes.

— Paul, 28