I was at a neighbor girl's house when I was younger. I needed to use the bathroom, so I went upstairs to the bathroom by her bedroom. She had a pair of pantyhose hanging on the shower curtain rod. I couldn't resist trying them on. She came up looking for me and caught me wearing her pantyhose. I was scared to death that she would tell her parents. No, she had other ideas. She stripped down to her pantyhose and told me she would teach me a lesson I'd never forget. She then tackled me. We wrestled hard for what seemed an eternity. She had me pinned in a full body pin, my arms pinned over my head and her legs had mine trapped in a grapevine. She held me in that pin and I was begging her to let me up. She was having no part of that. She held me helpless in that pin until her little sister came home and caught us. It was embarrassing, yet extremely exciting being held helpless by her!

— Hal, 52