Sex At The Theater

Back when I was younger, a buddy and I went to the local theater one Saturday night. The movie wasn't much and we were sitting in the back; my buddy said, "Let's move to the end." He took the last seat and I sat beside him. A little while later, I couldn't contain myself and started touching him. He said, "We can't do that here." I said, "Why not? There's hardly anybody in here." "Well, ok," he replied and we undressed the lower half of our bodies. I quickly moved over to where he was and we began having sex. We'd done this a few times in his car, but never in a place like this, so that made it hotter. As we were doing it, an older guy came and sat in the seat next to us. He picked up my panties from the floor and asked if they were mine. I was embarrassed, but said, "Yeah." He said, "Are you guys doing it?" Again, I said, "Yeah." My friend kept right on going and the guy just watched. We finished and stopped and I told the guy to move over. He did, and I got dressed. We left right after that. I'm sure glad I didn't know who he was.

— Ray, 26