I went to Las Vegas with my wife who had a convention to attend. I was bored with playing the games, so I went into a theater that had x-rated films. They were ten bucks for eight hours, so I went in and sat down in an easy chair. When I looked over to the side, I saw this guy pleasuring himself; the guy on the other side was doing the same. I started to do the same when a hand came over the arm of the chair and started to help me. This was a first for me. It felt so good I could not believe it, so I put my arm over to the other guy on my right and started to help him. Then, the guy on the left started to give me oral sex. I couldn't hold on too long and he got up and thanked me when done. It was better than any woman had ever given me. I had to calm down and went into the hallway to think about what just happened. After a while, a nice looking guy came in and was standing looking for a lounge chair to sit in. He asked if I was married and if I was free, and I said yes. He took me by the hand and we went back into the movie. He asked if I would give him oral. I told him I never did that with another guy, but some guy just gave me the best ever. He told me to do him and he would do me, so I complied. I got up and sat down and he returned the favor. When we went outside, he told me his hotel and room number and said if I could get away again, to come see him. I did and now when I get back home, I will need to find someone to get together with. I guess I am bi now.

— Kirk, 45