Ice Skating Outfits

When I was younger, I loved wearing my sister's ice skating outfits. When I was home alone one Saturday morning, my mom and sisters were going shopping, so I knew I would have the house to myself for several hours. The thought of which of her pretty little skating dresses I was going to wear was running through my head and my heart began to pound in my chest. I could feel the arousal start to swirl in my loins. As soon as the car pulled away, I went to her room and looked through her assortment of skating dresses. She had so many bright colors and styles that she skated in over the years. I wondered if she knew that I was still wearing them when I was alone. My sisters had caught me dressed in her tights and ice skating dress several times in the past, but the last time was over four years ago. Anyway, I selected a most beautiful bright lighter blue dress that had long sleeves and a mock turtle neck with a zipper in the back. The little skirt was so pretty, its edges were ruffled like the edges of fancy lettuce; it was a little longer in the back and came up high on the hips. The trunk had French cut legs which, combined with the high cut of the sides of the skirt, really showed off the upper leg/hips provocatively. I went into her tights drawer and pulled out a pair of suntan or toast colored shiny support tights, sat on the edge of the bed, and slid them on. Then, unzipping the back of the skating dress, I put each foot through the leg openings, stood up, and slid the wonderfully slick Lycra fabric up my body, and then I put my arms into the sleeves. I had to go to the mirror to see if it looked as incredible as the fabric felt on my body. As I stood in front of the mirror, I reached around back and zippered it up as high as I could, and then reached down over my shoulders with my right hand while pulling on the two top ends of the Lycra at the zipper tracks, stretching the fabric and bringing the zipper pull within reach of my finger tips. I finally got hold of it and pulled the zipper completely closed at the top of the mock turtle neck. Seeing myself in the mirror completely encased in such a wonderful feeling and so pretty an outfit had me completely excited. My God, it felt so electrifying, so intense, my adrenaline was causing rush after rush to fill every fiber of me with the most exquisite sensations. I literally became weak in the knees. I spun around in her room and headed for the stairs leading to the family room. I turned on the TV and went into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of grape juice, when all of a sudden the washroom door off the family room opened and my older sister's boyfriend/fiancé came into the family room. I was shocked; the counter hid my skirted hips and tights clad legs, but I saw the look on his face as his jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide. He said, "Wow! Ricky? What the...." I was so humiliated, I ran past him and up the stairs. The slickness of the nylon tights caused my foot to slip off one of the stairs and I landed on my knees at the bottom of the stairs. Craig said, "Hey Ricky, stop. Please don't run away. I'm not going to tell." I got up and this time slowly walked up the stairs with Craig following a few steps behind me. I got to my room and locked the door behind me. I was shaking so bad; I was still so humiliated that he had seen me dressed like this. He talked to me through the door and I eventually opened it and let him in to talk. He talked calmly and nice to me and it made me feel good. He told me how he couldn't believe how pretty I looked in the skating outfit. He said that as he watched me going up the stairs, he actually fell for me and had to have me. I was shocked again, but excited. I realized that his fingers tips were running along my legs. It was like lightning bolts going through me. I couldn't stop him or myself from letting him continue. I was feeling so incredible. It just felt better and better and before long he was treating me like a girl. He heard a car door slam then another and he realized it was my mom and sisters coming home. I was still in oblivion, but I kind of snapped out of it when he stopped. He said, "They're home." I was in shock; I couldn't coordinate myself as my head and body were still reeling from what we were doing. Craig ran out of the room and into the washroom down the hall and I could hear my sister Amy call loudly for him. I tried, but couldn't get the zipper on the back of the skating dress down past the middle of my shoulders. Amy's voice was now at the top of the stairs at the hall. She called for me; I was frantic. I heard Craig respond from the washroom down the hall that he was in there. Amy came into my room calling my name and must have heard me in the closet. I had no way to hold the bifold doors closed from the inside, so as she opened them I tried to hide behind the clothes on the rack, but to no avail. Amy could see the ice skating dress arms, turtle neck, and her tights on my legs. She looked furious and was about to cry out to our mom, but started to laugh and cover her mouth instead. She said between laughter, "Come out here." I remember hearing the car doors shut again and the sound of the car starting up and pulling out. Amy said, "Don't worry, mom and Tracy are going out again, get yourself out here right now or I'll call Craig and he'll see how you're dressed." She went and closed the door to my bedroom. I pleaded to allow me to show her later, I promised I'd do whatever she asked of me, but please let me get changed for now. She said okay with a laugh and left my room. When I got out of that outfit, there was such a huge mess all over the tights; thank God she didn't drag me out of the closet. I don't think she ever found out about what we did, but I had sex with Craig, who is now my brother-in-law, several times a week for the next few years.

— Ricky, 54