Males In Lingerie

I love the feel of nylon next to my skin so much that I wear nylon panties 24/7. I'd like to meet another man who enjoys wearing lingerie to bed and would enjoy dressing in nylon panties, thigh-high nylons, and a sheer nylon nightie. I would dress in the same stuff and we could run our hands over each other's nylon covered legs. It would be so hot with us both dressed in lingerie; we could become roommates and repeat this every night, taking turns being the other guy's lady and switching roles every other night. We would both have an equal chance to be the other one's woman. I think that would be a great living arrangement and I would like to meet some of the guys who confess to wearing lingerie and fantasizing about oral sex with another man because that person could be the right person for me. We could make each other's fantasy come true with a lifetime of pleasure. I want this to really happen soon. I've never had sex with another man, but my fantasies about it make me so hot. When I read things that women write about how much they love oral sex with men, it makes me wonder if I'm missing out on a really hot sexual experience.

— Hank, 57