Anonymous Spa Sex

I visited a popular hot springs, spa day resort with my wife. I'm a huge fan of using all the men's lounge facilities, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, etc. We laid around for a few hours, got massages, did the mud thing, and then I decided to go relax in the men's lounge. I'm bi; my wife knows, but I'm supposed to be being monogamous. So, I first went to the Jacuzzi. I stripped down since it's a men's only lounge and went to the end of the long (30 feet or so) Jacuzzi. It is separated by a long wall from the rest of the men's lounge; not sure why. So, it's semi-private. I'm thirty-eight and in good shape. After about ten minutes, a fiftyish guy came in, undressed, entered the water, and made his way down in my direction. He sat across from me. I was super horny from all the bathing suits out at the pool. I noticed when he stood up that he was semi-excited. I started getting excited myself and I could tell he was checking me out and glancing at my package through the bubbles. We ended up moving closer to each other and he reached out and started touching me. I was so nervous because at anytime, someone could have walked around the corner. You could hear people coming though, so we would move apart when we heard someone. This happened once; the guy sat in the Jacuzzi for ten minutes, then left. After he left, the guy I was playing with got up, walked over (in the water) to where I was sitting, and proceeded to indicate he wanted oral sex from me. I was fine with things staying under the water because I could still see the entrance to watch for people. No way was I going to give him oral when I couldn't see if someone was coming. I tried to just push him to the side and told him I'd do him under the water with my hand. But he said, "No, I want you to give me oral." He then pushed the issue and I was astonished to find myself participating. I got instantly excited again. I would pull off of him whenever I heard a little noise because I was scared of getting caught. After doing that twice, he convinced me not to worry about it. Fortunately, no one came in. Hottest thing ever. Haven't been back since, but I'm looking forward to it.

— Rob, 38