Lifelong Panties

I have been wearing women's knickers and panties since I was young, when I was dressed in a kilt and was made to wear my cousin's navy blue cotton knickers with the elastic legs. I just love the feel of cotton and still have a few pairs of white knickers. When I was going through puberty, I would borrow my mother's wide leg nylon bloomers and discovered the joys of pleasuring myself whilst wearing them. I also borrowed my cousin's, as hers were sexier. As a paper delivery boy, I often stole all types of underwear from clothes lines, soon building up a large collection which I enjoyed wearing in the privacy of my room. When I met my wife (we have been married forty-nine years), it was a while before I could get into her knickers, in more ways than one. All our married life, we have enjoyed a very good sexual relationship and she encouraged me to dress up in her panties, stockings, and suspender belts whilst making love and trips to the countryside. We also took photos of each other in various forms of dress or undress and only recently destroyed them in case our family found out about our fetish. On a couple of occasions, I have met up with likeminded gentlemen whilst wearing panties and stockings and have enjoyed oral sex with them, but never full sex. Now in our twilight years, I still enjoy wearing women's panties and think about it often hoping this will continue for the rest of my life. I have no regrets, except for the unfortunate ladies whose knickers went missing from the clothes line. All I can say is thank you, they were well used.

— Ron, 69