I have this beautiful, blonde, built girlfriend, Wanda. I was in the shower, and she surprised me by coming in wearing only a shawl around her hips. The room was really steamy from the shower, but that was nothing compared to the steam Wanda brought to the room. She really likes kinky stuff. She started to make out with me in the shower, and then she gave me oral. Afterwards, we took things to the hot tub. She met me there wearing only a tie around her neck. After we did our thing in the hot tub, we went to Wanda's room where I found her two bi friends, Sandy and Liza, dressed in nurses outfits and making out on her bedroom floor. All the girls then told me to just sit back and relax as they gave me lap dances and more sex! Put it this way, those sheets of Wanda's have some good memories in them.

— Barron, 26