Panties And Shoes

I have been wearing tight women's thong panties along with high heel shoes or plain black flats for several years now. As a matter of fact, all my panties are thongs and I do not own any pair of men's underwear. This is really very exciting, and even more so when wearing my pantyhose. At night, I wear see-through baby doll nighties, a house coat, and thong panties. It makes me look and feel wonderful and it's a shame more men don't do this. When I go out, I usually wear my flats or kitten heels. When worn with black nylon knee-highs, no one will notice. All in all, wearing high heel shoes or flats with thong panties and pantyhose under my pants makes me feel proud, honored, and privileged to be in them at all times, places, and in all situations. It's a thrilling and very exciting challenge to do this. If anyone asks me why I am wearing flats or kitten heels in public, I usually tell them the truth and say I prefer wearing this style of shoes as they are more comfortable than men's shoes. I am not gay, nor am I a transvestite, but just a straight guy who prefers to wear women's thong panties, bikinis, nighties, and shoes.

— Don, 34