Wife Nude House-Sitting

My boss let us use his summer place for a week a few years ago. My wife decided to lay out nude by the pool most of the day. My boss called me the next day and told me that his neighbor up the hill called and told him to tell us he really enjoyed the view. We couldn't see his place because it was hidden by the trees. We thought we were completely secluded. I love showing off my wife's gorgeous body. She is short and petite with large breasts and I knew the neighbor had his binoculars focused right on her. So, I decided to let her stay out nude and I waited until she had a few drinks before I pointed up to his place and said that he'd been watching her all day. She got a little embarrassed and walked in the house. I told her that the old guy was retired, lived alone, and he called to tell my boss how much he was enjoying her. I said that no one knew us; we were on vacation and if she wants to be nude, no one should stop her. Besides, I told her he'd seen plenty of her anyway, what was the harm. She went out nude and after a while, she actually waved to him. She ended up enjoying knowing she was being watched. When the week was over, the old guy up the hill, the pool guy, and the mailman had no idea what my wife looked like with clothes on. We've gone each year and she stays nude pretty much the whole time. We've become very good friends with John up the hill, who stops by almost every day to see us (her). She waves to a few more neighbors and my boss has dropped in a few times to visit. He told us this summer, there will be a construction crew putting in a new place behind him. She tells me she has no plans to change her routine. This summer should be a very interesting vacation.

— Calvin, 33