Her Gay Best Friend

It started a couple of months ago; I was watching my girlfriend's place and I always wondered how it would feel wearing girl clothes and makeup. I went into her closet, grabbed a bra, and put it on. It felt amazing, so I put on some panties and stockings too. I felt like I was a woman and I grabbed her high heeled boots that were my size and put them on my feet. I then went over to her makeup closet and just started to put on lipstick and gloss, blush, and mascara. I looked so amazing that I stayed that way until my girlfriend came home. She saw me and ran to her room. She told me if I wanted to dress up like a girl, I would have to learn how to be one. She told me to take a shower and wash the crap off my face, and then she sat me down in her makeup closet and said, "I'm going to teach you to do your makeup." She put some primer on my eyes, and then she put on some sparkle gold eye shadow. Next, she put on bluish/blackish eyeliner and it went so perfectly! After that, she put on three different coats of mascara, and then put on false eyelashes. A little more eyeliner, and then more mascara on finished my eyes. Next, she grabbed a brush and started to put on blush on me; it was a light red color. She said we were half way done at that point. My lips were up next, so she grabbed lipstick, gloss, a different color lipstick, and lip liner. She put on the lipstick on first, then the gloss, then the other lipstick, and lastly the lip liner. The finishing touch was when she curled my hair, as I have girl hair, and brushed it. I was then done with my makeup and hair, so she said to grab the bra I was wearing before. I put it back on and allowed her to put on a thong on me and then shave my legs. Next, I put on some tight jeans and a black party dress. She said to put on the open toe heels, so I did. After that, she said to shave everything, and I complied. She said, "You look like a woman now." I asked her, "What are we going do?" She said, "Go to the mall and get our nails done!" She also said that I'm now her gay best friend and that we are going to go shopping for makeup and clothes for me. I became her gay best friend and am still, to this day. We meet in stores that sell makeup and women clothes and we give each other makeovers.

— Tim, 23