Better Than "Girls Gone Wild"

One night, I took my girlfriend out to eat for a romantic evening together. Her bisexual friend was a waitress at the restaurant where we ate, and she waited on our table. When her work shift was over, my girlfriend invited her friend to hang out with us. So, the three of us went back to my place. We drank some booze and hung out. The next thing I knew, I was handcuffed to the bed with these two fine girls all over me. We did all kinds of sexual stuff together. Then the two girls started to have some fun of their own while I watched. That was better than "Girls Gone Wild." When we were done, the three of us took a shower together. That just made us hot all over again. So, we all went and stood naked in the closet with the door shut and made out. I love life. I love girls.

— James, 21