Woman Next Door

I am asked to watch the woman next door's cat when she is away. One afternoon, I went over (she was gone for a week) and looked through her laundry basket. She had several pairs of panties to be washed. I decided to try a pair of fuller cut nylon panties on; it was great. I wore them home and slept in them, returning them the next day to take another pair to wear. Friday was the last day, as she was to come home Saturday. I was just about to take off and return the last pair when standing behind me, there she was. I was terrified and totally humiliated. She looked and me and said, "Well, this is interesting." To make the story short, she now demands I go over and see her every evening to change into a new pair of her dirty panties. If I don't comply, she will tell the world and report me. Now, not only do I have to wear her panties, but once a week, I have to go over to her house and she fully dresses me in her dirty clothing. Then, I must clean her house. Life is good!

— Bruce, 48