Sunday Afternoon

My wife Megan asked me if there was anything special I wanted for my fiftieth birthday. I replied that there was something I wanted, but I was sure I would never get it. She badgered me until I finally admitted that it had always been a fantasy of mine to see her make love to another man. Shocked is not the word to describe Megan's reaction to my confession. She basically said I was disgusting and that she would never do anything as perverted as that. That was the reaction I expected, and I knew the subject would never be brought up again. My birthday was on a Saturday and I admit that even though I didn't get to see Megan with another man, we had a great day together. Sunday we went to church as usual, and after church we came home and Megan began preparing dinner. She asked me to set the table, and then added to please set it for three. I asked who was joining us and she replied Jon from church. Jon was in his early thirties and going through a tough divorce and she thought it would be nice to have him over for Sunday dinner. It wasn't long before Jon arrived and we all sat down to a pleasant dinner. After dinner was over, Megan asked me if I minded doing the dishes, she said that she had a few things to discuss with Jon. I said sure, and they went into the living room and I started on the dishes. I finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to join Megan and Jon in the living room. I turned the corner and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Jon and Megan were sitting on the sofa locked in a passionate kiss. I couldn't move as I just stood there staring at the two of them making out. Megan broke away from the kiss long enough to loudly tell Jon that she had wanted him for months. That brought on even more passion and Jon took control by opening the buttons on Megan's blouse. They were madly groping each other and in between kisses they were telling each other how badly they wanted one another. I was now leaning back against the wall taking the whole scene in and I was incredibly aroused. The next few moments were a blur, but then things were getting very frantic. Megan then started to tell Jon to give her his baby. She kept saying louder and louder, "Oh Jon, I want your baby, give me your baby!" I couldn't watch anymore. I heard one final gasp and then silence. I walked back in the living room. Megan was lying off to the side of the sofa, her hair was all messed up and she was breathing hard. Jon was still sitting in the same spot on the couch, his pants down around his legs, but his shirt and tie still on. Megan finally looked over at me and said, "Is that what you wanted for your birthday?"

— Henry, 50