Nylon Experience

When I was younger, my mom started letting me wear my sister's nylon panties. My sister was only a year older than me and she had the very silky smooth white nylon kind. I fell in love with the smoothness and comfort of them. I wanted to wear them all the time. One day, my mom and I were home alone and she was looking through my sister's closet and found a little sheer nylon dress and asked me try it on to see how it would look. She thought I would look very cute. I was a little scared, but she said I could have candy if I did it for her. I then did as she said and she pulled it over my head; it felt really nice on me. I liked the way my nylon panties and the material of the dress felt together. I liked the feeling of the material rubbing on me. What a feeling! I will never forget the experience.

— Alexander, 50