Lingerie In Public

I am a sexy transvestite who loves getting dolled up and showing off in public. I live in a very cosmopolitan area and have many opportunities to go out dressed in my feminine finery. I love the attention and have had a range of reactions, from people pointing and laughing and making fun of me, to positive comments, all the way to hot chicks wanting to pinch my butt, adjust my various straps, and take pictures with me. I generally do this late at night and may hit coffee shops, clubs, ride the bus, or even do a little late night shopping. I will bring a little bag of slips and, depending on the situation, either be wearing one, changing in and out of various ones, or not wearing one at all. I prance around with my garters, stocking tops, and panties on display for all to see. Ordering a coffee and then sitting outside the cafe with all my lingerie totally exposed is such a thrill! I always have pantyhose and a net/sheer top on under my bra, corset, garters, hose, and panties, so I'm not exposing everything. If Paris Hilton can do it, so can I! I love the rush of doing this, just typing it up makes me want to do my makeup, get dressed up, and go out to show off!

— Giovanni, 35