Sunday Afternoon

My wife Susan and I have been married for twenty-four years. I confess our love life has suffered the past couple of years do to a variety of reasons, but mostly because it's been the same old thing. Susan and I have been faithful to each other, and to be honest, I still find my forty-four year old wife extremely attractive. Two weeks ago at dinner, she told me she had been watching a talk show about relationships and they said one way to rekindle romance would be to talk about our sexual fantasies. She then asked me point blank what my favorite fantasy was. I was completely unprepared for the question and in a moment of stupidity, I admitted that I would love to see her make love to another man. That, apparently, was the wrong answer because she seemed shocked and then told me that I was disgusting and perverted. She then added that she wasn't a slut and couldn't believe I would even imagine anything so gross. After an uncomfortable evening of not talking, I thought the fantasy episode was behind us. Yesterday was Sunday and after church, Susan was cooking lunch. She usually changed her clothes after church, but today she kept on her Sunday dress and she asked me to please set the table and to set a third plate. I asked who was joining us and she said she invited someone from church. A few minutes later, I answered the doorbell and recognized Tyler from church. Tyler was in his late twenties and was going through a divorce. I welcomed Tyler in and told him I was glad he could join us for lunch. Susan met us in the dining room and I was surprised by her greeting of Tyler. She eagerly embraced him, and then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Tyler welcomed her in his arms and kissed her right back. I felt a little strange. The whole lunch was awkward as Tyler and Susan basically ignored me and seemed to focus entirely on each other, but I still wasn't catching on to what was coming. When we were done eating, Susan asked me to please clear the table and that she and Tyler were going to sit in the living room. It took me five or ten minutes to clean up, and then I went to join my wife and Tyler in the living room. They were on the couch, Tyler had his hands all over Susan and she was rubbing him back. They were locked in a noisy and passionate kiss. They didn't even look up as I walked in. Tyler was telling her that he had wanted her so badly for so long, and Susan answered that he had her now. The next few moments were a blur, but I clearly recall them having sex. Things have not been the same since.

— Jack, 52