Exchanging Wives

I got married eight years ago and we were always willing to try something new in our sexual life, so I was willing to share the bed with my friend and his wife. One day, I visited a friend's house along with my wife. We were meeting after a gap of almost ten years, so we decided to have a hot party. Chicken and Paneer Masala were prepared and everybody took the meal by ten o'clock. Our kids slept on the sofa, so to allow the grownups time to gossip, we moved to the bedroom. As it was winter, all four of us used the same blanket to keep warm. Suddenly, the power switched off and we decided to continue our gossiping anyway. I found that my legs were being rubbed my friend's wife. I noticed there were more movements inside the blanket and I discovered that my wife was doing the same with my friend. My wife came out from the blanket and brought four glasses of whiskey for us. My friend's wife sat beside me and my wife beside my friend. I started to kiss my friend's wife and watched as my friend did the same with my wife. I told my friend he could do whatever he liked for the whole night. He gave his consent for his wife, and then took my wife to the other room. Now, my friend's wife and I were left in the room alone. We took off our clothing and had sex until we both were sweating. It was one thirty when we both kissed and went into my friend's room where my wife and friend were. They were also relaxing after sex. Our wives suggested we all switch off and have sex with whomever we wanted for the rest of the night, which is what we did until six in the morning. At last, the game ended with smile on face of all four of us and a commitment to meet again very shortly to repeat the entire night.

— Suyash, 40