In Front Of Closed Eyes

After two years, my girlfriend and I truly have an incredible sex life. We are still very affectionate toward each other, and can't keep our hands off of one another. One night, after some time away from her due to my work schedule, I stopped by to pay her a visit. Needless to say, we were both very in the mood. The only problem was that both of her daughters were home. It was getting late. Her one daughter was up on the computer in the girlfriend's bedroom researching on the net for a term paper for school. The other daughter was sleeping on the couch as we cuddled in front of the TV with a few blankets and pillows. Her youngest is a very sound sleeper and, once she is asleep, it is lights out. As we lay on the floor, my hands started to wonder to the sweet spots I can never seem to keep them off of. In no time, things got pretty steamy on that floor under those blankets. We never gave a thought to how truly embarrassed we both would have been if a set of eyes opened or another set came prancing down the steps. Before long, I reached complete satisfaction under those blankets. Then we took turns making our trips to the bathroom to clean up. Back together on the floor again, I hold her close and realize how lucky I am.

— Antonio, 33