She Can't Get Enough

Georgia, my mother-in-law, seduced me two years ago. She was visiting us and after my wife Brandy left for her night shift at the hospital. Georgia said she was going up to bed. I finished watching the game and headed off to bed myself. Georgia was laying on Brandy's and my bed wearing an ultra sexy black corset. Georgia is in her early fifties; a large lady with massive breasts and an ample behind. The corset was barely able to contain her large attributes and, when I walked in my bedroom, I could only stare and mumble, "Oh my gosh Georgia, what is going on?" She said, "John, I've noticed how you look at me, and I am so lonely. I thought we could help each other." She stood up and slowly walked over to me. I couldn't believe what was happening as I reached out and pulled her generous body close and we started kissing; slowly at first, but within seconds we were passionately making out. That was the first night of many. Brandy convinced me that we should have Georgia move in with us and I reluctantly agreed. Georgia is wearing me out.

— Roland, 32