My Wife's Other Men

My wife Mia and I have been married for over twenty-four years. She was thirty and married and I was twenty-one and her student at community college when we first started dating. Mia is a very tall, plus sized woman with curves in all the right places and has never been shy about showing off her enormous chest or massive rear end. To make a long story short, I asked her out and was shocked when she agreed. I was even more in shock a week later when we had sex for the first time in the front seat of her SUV. I was no virgin at twenty-one, but she did things to me that I had never even imagined. It wasn't long after we started dating that she told me she was divorcing her husband. She told me it was because they had grown apart, but I found out much later it was because she was constantly cheating on him. I confess I was blinded by her generous body and her amazing appetite for sex and, as soon as her divorce was final, we got married. I couldn't have been happier. I had a smart, sexy, good looking wife that took care of all my sexual needs and then some. We often had sex twice a day, every day, for the first year of marriage. So, imagine my surprise when cleaning out her car I found a recently used condom under her front seat. We had only been married for a little more than a year! I was devastated and when I confronted her with it, she just shrugged and said, "What did you expect?" That was the start of her constant stream of lovers and boyfriends. I begged and pleaded with her to stop, asked her to go with me to counseling, but nothing helped. She tried to hide her affairs at first, but once she realized I wasn't going to leave her, she didn't bother. I could always tell when she had a new lover because our sex life would get even better. I knew I was sloppy seconds many times when she came home and wanted more. I once told her I was going out on a date with a lady I had met at work and she became completely unglued. She told me if I ever cheated on her she would be gone the next day. I didn't go out and after that, things got even crazier. She knew she had complete control of me. Mia started to bring her boyfriends home. I would have to sit and watch as they would make out on the couch, or I would come home and she would have someone in our bedroom. She had a guy visit her from the east coast one time and he stayed a whole week. Mia told me to sleep in the guest room and try not to bother them too much. I can't tell you why I have stayed with her so long except to explain that she is an amazing wife in so many other ways and the days when we are alone, it is still great to be her husband.

— Drew, 44