Mother-In-Law Does Us Both

My co-worker Mike told me that a girl we knew in high school had made a porno and that I should check it out. I told him to come over after work and that my wife Teresa and her mother Madeline (she was staying with us for a few weeks while her husband was away on business) were going to a show and we could watch it. Sure enough, I get home and Teresa's car is gone. We found the video online and started to watch it. It was really graphic and a little funny and we were making fun of our old high school friend when I heard Madeline's voice behind us asking what we were watching. I jumped two feet in the air and turned around to see my mother-in-law staring intently at the action on the screen. I said, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I thought you and Teresa had gone to the show." She said Teresa had been asked to work a double because another nurse had called off and she wouldn't be home until eleven. I tried to explain about the girl in the movie, but she just walked over and sat on the sofa between Mike and me. It was really uncomfortable watching the girl on the screen being ravaged by two guys while I was sitting next to my mother-in-law. She turned to Mike and said, "It sure looks like your friend is having a good time," and I saw her put her hand on Mike's thigh. I was in disbelief by the whole experience! Madeline is at least fifty, overweight, and always seemed more than a little uptight. Mike didn't know what to do either and, as the action on the screen heated up, I could tell Madeline was getting excited. I finally asked her if she watched videos like this and she just whispered, "Never." Madeline started rubbing Mike through his jeans and he reached over and unbuttoned her blouse. I was no longer watching the video, but was watching Mike and Madeline as they started kissing each other. Feeling a little weird, I started to get up, but Madeline grabbed me and asked me were I was going. She pulled me down and the next half hour was unreal as my fifty year old, former uptight mother-in-law satisfied not only her needs, but both of us as well.

— Jon, 27