She Planted The Seed

This all started yesterday when my wife Rebecca and I were visiting her parents Bob and Janet at their home. A couple of hours before we were to fly home, I found myself alone with my mother-in-law Janet. She said she had to tell me something important. I was completely shocked when she finished her long confession. To make a long story short, she admitted that she often fantasized about her and I and she always imagined it was me when her husband Bob was making love to her. Before I could even say anything, Bob came in the room and the conversation moved onto different topics. When I walked out, I almost bumped into my wife Rebecca and she asked me if I was okay? I replied I was just preoccupied about the trip home, but the truth was I had never thought about Janet in that way and her confession was disturbing. It's not that Janet isn't attractive because, for a fifty-five year old woman, she is. She is tall, close to six feet, and is about one hundred eighty pounds with most of the weight in her chest and rear. She has short gray hair, wears glasses, and doesn't look young; but, I've always thought she had a youthful air about her. She often wears shirts that show off her massive cleavage and, when she came out to take us to the airport (Bob had to go to work), she was wearing one. Thirty minutes ago, I wouldn't have even noticed, but now I found myself checking out her cleavage and the tight white shorts she had on. As I slid into the front passenger seat, she dropped her keys. When she leaned over to pick them up, I had a great view of her chest. All the way to the airport, I kept sneaking glances over at her and I almost gasped out loud when she brushed her hand against my leg. That night after we got home, I found myself making love to Rebecca and wishing it was Janet. This morning, on the way to work, I got a text message from Janet. It was a twenty second video of her slowly unbuttoning the blouse she had on the day before. I almost ran off the road watching it over and over again! Yesterday morning I had never thought of Janet in a sexual way and now I can't stop thinking of her.

— Keith, 28