Internet Mind Games

I started talking to this amazingly intellectual and very good-looking (judging from pictures) woman online. After some time, I was more then eager to meet her. She claimed to be twenty-five years old with a high-class job in Manhattan - your typical dream woman. However, she tried to avoid meeting me in every way possible. She came up with all sorts of excuses to avoid meeting. The whole story got very complicated. She started throwing blatant "facts" at me. She told me she had leukemia and asked me to support her. I would spend many sleepless nights talking to her on the phone. We had developed some type of a very close bond at some point. However, eventually I found out the truth (not through her). She was thirty-five, had a child, had a husband with a severe case of paranoia, and she was perfectly healthy. I was absolutely shocked. I found out she was doing this to multiple people online, faking her illness to get some concern and attention. She really loved to mess with people's minds. Despite many difficulties, I found out everything about her and brought her to the surface. I made her activities known to everyone who she was friends with. They were all shocked. She was totally defamed. Knowing everything about her, I could have gone to see her in real life and looked into her eyes at any second. But, I chose not to. For the rest of my life, I will feel satisfied that I cracked this sly, lying, freaky, online weirdo. Being nineteen at the time, I had never experienced anything of that sort before. It was not an easy task to reveal her since she told me fake addresses, fake names, and concealed her identity. Apparently, she had tons of practice at it before. But this time she got what she deserved. I doubt she will be starting internet mind games with anyone again anytime soon.

— Dave, 30