This Nurse Rocks!

About five years ago, I moved hundreds of miles away from home to work in a hospital somewhere in the Midwest. I moved to a new town where I did not know anybody except my boss. My job entailed working long days, either in clinics or in the operating room, such that my only acquaintances were basically people I worked with. Being shy, I never really checked out the social scene in the area. Months passed. Then one day, as I was fiddling through some paperwork in the OR, one of the OR nurses tapped me on my shoulder and engaged me in some small chitchat. She introduced herself as Sylvia. Before that time, she was just one of the familiar faces that I would exchange smiles with while walking through the halls of the building. Our small talks during our work became more frequent until I finally drummed up enough courage to ask for her number. I called her and eventually invited her out to dinner. After dinner, she invited me over to see her place. Upon getting there, we went to her room and watched a little TV. As we were watching TV, she leaned against my chest and worked her hand up under my shirt. That made me ragingly horny, but at the same time I was anxious and apprehensive because I hadn't been with a woman for at least two years. She easily picked up on my anxiety and told me to relax. She then proceeded to French kiss me. She then slowly worked her hands down to unzip my pants which were holding me back. We kissed a little more until she grabbed hold of me. As she did that, I pulled away for a little bit being a little embarrassed about the whole situation. I also told her that she may find me not as big as the other men she'd been with. She reassured me and told me to relax once more. As we kissed, she whispered to me that she loves orally pleasuring men and that I should not worry. She continued to give me oral sex that night and a few more times until I finally had to transfer to another hospital far away from her. I miss Sylvia. Now that I'm in a new place, I wonder if I'll ever meet another nurse like her.

— Garret, 35