Webcam Voyeur

I am married to quite a pretty girl and our marriage is doing well. We have good sex and she is open to many things, so I do not lack sex. However, I have always had a thing about voyeurism, that sexy moment when you see what you are not supposed to. Some time ago, my wife's mother (who is fifty-five) started spending extended times with us and sleeping in our spare room, which I use as a study. My computer was in there with a webcam on the screen. Sometimes, I left the computer on with the webcam on motion detection, and blocked out the green light with some blue-tack. I captured some shots of her, but they were quite rare. That really got me hooked. Eventually, I wired my webcam through the ceiling into the loft and attached my laptop. Now the computer is off, but the laptop can see whatever goes on in that room. I captured some fantastic pictures of her changing and getting dressed and undressed. Believe it or not, she wears sexier underwear than my wife ever does. Shame the web-cam resolution is low, so I don't get great details, but the thrill to know her body quite intimately is superb.

— Walter, 40