Caught By Dermatologist

I went to the dermatologist the other day to get this growth removed from my face. When the nurse was going over the preliminaries with me, she surprisingly suggested that I get an entire body check. I would have to strip down to my underwear and have them look me over with just a narrow paper robe to cover up with. After I agreed, I realized that I was wearing a pair of white nylon panties that day because I was going in for something on my face. I started getting very nervous about them being seen. The doctor turned out to be a woman and when she had me lean over to look at my back, I heard her let out a small gasp. I knew then that she noticed the panties while she examined my hips. Then she had me raised my legs and surely saw the panty crotch. I was so embarrassed at that point that I asked the nurse if I could get dressed, but she would not let me. I did not understand why, but I had to get treated only wearing the panties. The bottom line is that it was a very humiliating day, but I am somehow extremely turned on by the whole thing and can't stop thinking about it. I feel so weird!

— Lucas, 40