Can't Believe It Happened

My mother-in-law is as unsexy as you can get. She is gray haired, forty pounds overweight, and dresses like she is seventy-five instead of fifty-five. She never laughs or smiles and doesn't wear make-up either. Despite all that, I just spent the past thirty minutes rolling all over the living room carpet with her. She was telling me how sleeping on the sofa bed made her neck stiff and I just reached over and started massaging her neck and shoulders. She started moaning and breathing hard as soon as I began to massage her. I had no idea what to do, so I stopped and she immediately told me to keep rubbing. She leaned back into me and I started massaging her shoulders. We were both getting into it now and the next thing I knew, I reached around front and started massaging her massive chest. She actually began to lose control, moaning louder; her body was trembling, so I leaned down and kissed her. She went absolutely wild and, if possible, it got even more passionate. I know I was in shock and I'm sure she felt the same. She didn't resist at all when I pulled her granny dress off over her head. I couldn't control myself as she stood in front of me wearing only her granny panties and bra. I can't believe what just happened. It was absolutely crazy and completely unexpected.

— Keith, 34