The Dentist Bill

My wife has always been pretty captivated with our dentist. He is older and very distinguished. When I'm there, we get into great conversations and he always asks how my wife is. So, I know there is chemistry. We got into a little financial crunch and our dentist bill was one of many bills that year that got away from us. He never turned us down, but I knew that we had to work something out. My wife and I talked about what to do and I only half jokingly told her that she could just pay him in other ways. She looked at me kind of serious and said that she shouldn't do that. Not that she couldn't or wouldn't, but shouldn't. I told her on her next visit to wear something a little low cut to get his attention. After the visit, pull him aside and tell him about our situation and offer to consider "options" for payment and see if he picks up the cue. If not, no big deal, but if so, she should play it by ear. She came home all nervous and said that they had a date to talk about the bill over coffee the next day. I calmed her down and helped her pick out something somewhat suggestive to wear. She met him for coffee at 11am and she didn't get back home until after 4pm. She has "coffee" with him at least once a month and we haven't had to pay a dime for dentist work in two years.

— Jake, 36