Three At Last

I finally got my wife to have a threesome. It all started in a club one night when we met an older guy with friends. We had a few drinks and were joking that we had to leave because we were going to a swinger's party. He became very interested and wanted to come along with us. We wound him up the whole night, but eventually confessed we were only joking. As we left, he suggested that we have a nightcap with him. It was on our way home, so we agreed. All night long, he had been staring at my wife's breasts; they are gorgeous. I jokingly asked if he wanted to touch them and winked at the wife. We both thought he would touch her on the dress, but he immediately went for an actual feel. I thought she would be mad, but I think she really enjoyed the feeling of me getting turned on. We agreed to go back to his place, so he left and we followed. I talked to her on the way and asked how she felt. She said she was interested, so we decided that he could touch her again and see how things developed! I said she could touch him if she wanted to. Back at his place, we had some wine and ended up in the bedroom. Next thing I knew, she was laying on the bed with him. That was too much for me, so I joined them; kissing her while he did other things. I slid up the bed a bit so we could have oral while he had moved and was going to pleasure her lower. Needless to say, we had a great time and have done a few more since then.

— Marc, 40