Surprised By The Janitor

One night, I stayed late at the office. After everyone left, I started looking at pictures of naked men on the internet. Soon, I undid my pants and started masturbating. I had never been with a man before, but I was more excited than I had ever been. Suddenly, I looked up and realized that the janitor had been watching me from the door of my office. He asked me if I liked looking at other men. He said that from the look of things, I must. And he said he liked what he saw. From the bulge in his pants, I could tell he was telling the truth. He asked me if I would like to see his, and I said yes. He said he had been watching me for about fifteen minutes, and that it had really turned him on. He asked me if I liked what I saw, and I said definitely yes. He came closer to me, and I told him I had never been with a man before. We then gave each other oral sex.

— Nicolas, 41