Affair With The Landlady

In the mid 1980s, I was renting an apartment from a woman in her early sixties. I was also dating a woman in her fifties (I liked older women back then), but that relationship had way too much drama for my taste. I would talk with my landlady, who still looked pretty damned good. I saw a picture of her she had of when she was in her thirties and I would have gone after her in a shot back in those days. One day, I went out for a run and when I came back, my landlady was wearing a dress in preparation for a party she was going to. She looked good; tall, silver hair, legs for days. I was hot, sweaty and wearing no shirt. When I was talking to her while we were in her garden, the moment felt right to kiss her, and it was. In a few minutes, we were rolling around on the grass, trying to get each other's clothes off, and we made love there for at least an hour. She was the best lover I had up to that point in my life and we kept up the affair until I moved in with the girlfriend, which was a huge mistake! I never saw my sexy landlady again.

— Drew, 50