Sexy White Bodysuit

When I was still married to my sexy Asian wife, she didn't know it, but I had my own bras and panties. She had this really sexy white, see- through bodysuit. When she was out; I'd put on a black bra, falsies, black panties, and her sexy bodysuit. I loved it! It was tight and I could see my black bra and panties through it. I looked and felt so sexy. I got aroused and had to pleasure myself. I wish I had told her about my cross-dressing while we were still married and she could have accepted it. But, she caught me with a pair of her panties on before we had sex, and three months later we were divorced. I have been alone ever since and I cross-dress as much as I can. I have a great bra collection, panties to match, lots of lingerie and nylons, fishnet and sheer. But, I still remember how sexy I looked and how I loved to put on her sexy white bodysuit. Wish I had one now.

— Hank, 67