Older Woman Next Door

Last July, my mom told me that a neighbor lady saw me cutting the grass and asked her if I could cut hers since her husband was overseas on active duty. So, I went over and cut and raked her lawn. It was very hot, so I just wore a pair of shorts and sneakers. I still got pretty sweaty. When I went to her kitchen door to get paid, she invited me in for a cold drink. Before I knew it, she was telling me that she watched me out the window and had gotten very aroused. She offered to pay me twenty dollars to have sex with her. She is thirty-two, athletic, and very attractive. So, I said yes, but explained that it would be my first time. That seemed to excite her even more. She promised to be gentle. She took my shorts down and gave me oral sex. Then she showed me how to give her oral sex. Then we had intercourse on the kitchen floor. She said it was the best sex she ever had. Every Saturday last summer, I cut her grass, and then we would have sex the rest of the afternoon. A couple of nights when my parents went out of town for a week, I would go to her house and sleep with her. We would have sex four or five times a night. Her husband is returning in March, but she wants to continue seeing me as she says she can't get enough of me. I was going away to college, but now have enrolled in the local community college as I really would miss her and the great sex. I now have a girlfriend my age. We also have sex, but it's pretty tame compared to my "older woman". She has met my girlfriend, thinks she's cute, and wants me to bring her over some night for a threesome. My girlfriend thinks it's really kinky and has agreed to do it next Friday night.

— Daniel, 21