She Read My Mind

My mother-in-law was living with us at the time and I told her I would have to leave for a little while to run an errand. She asked me to take her with me, but I said it wouldn't be very interesting for her as I was only going to an auto parts store. She must have been reading my mind all the years I'd been married to her daughter because she said, "If you take me with you, I'll do you." I quickly got over my initial surprise and led her to the bedroom where she proceeded to keep her word. Still not quite believing what was happening, I asked her to do more. Barely able to get the words out I whispered, "Kiss me." She proceeded to give me the absolute best oral I had ever experienced on two continents. I whispered, "Why don't we stop fooling around and do the real thing." She instantly was ready for me. She continued to school me in the art of making love until we were both too exhausted to speak. Regrettably, she never passed on her skills to her daughter and I've never been stupid enough to say, "Why can't you make love more like your mother?"

— Henry, 62