Slow Day

A slow day at work and a wife who called my bluff resulted in my first creampie. We had discussed on a few occasions a threesome, her and another man or two, a woman, me doing a man for her, etc. It was never more than idle talk or talk while engaged in sex. In 2006, that all changed. It was a slow day at work and very boring as the receptionist up at the front and I were the only ones in the offices. My office is semi-private, but the other occupant was out for the day. Just before leaving to do lunch with a friend, my wife shows up and asks if I have left for lunch and if not she has a suggestion. Being rather provocatively dressed for her standards I figure, "Okay, I'll bite," and told her to go ahead. She proceeded to have me give her oral. Upon finishing, she asked if I was still hungry. Why, I ask? She said I shouldn't be as I just had my first creampie. I was a little shocked as I was not sure how to react to her confession of being with another man only minutes previously; in the car in the parking lot. But the pangs of jealousy and betrayal quickly evaporated as she told me it did not change how she felt about me, but it intensified her feelings. Hunger returning, I asked her if she wanted to go for lunch and she said yes only if her new partner could come along. Agreeing to this, we proceeded to leave and, as I told the receptionist I would be back, she surprised me by reaching with her hand and proclaiming I "missed a spot" on my tie that was glaringly obvious. Embarrassed, I tried to apologize. She winked and said I could give her a proper apology later. Wrapping up lunch was great and her partner, ripped quite well, was very polite. Leaving to return to the office, my wife indicated to me in the parking lot she might be in mood later as it was dependent on how much she played with her new man toy during the afternoon. Let's just say that evening was a very erotic experience; a story for later.

— Parker, 39