Like My Hair Set In Rollers

All my life I wanted long hair, but it was impossible when I was younger. I am glad it is no big deal now; and I like my long hair, which is naturally curly, but frizzy if not set. So, a friend sets it twice or three times a week, and when she is not available and I need it to be neat, I have found several hair salons. When I call to make an appointment, they know what I want. I usually shower beforehand and go in with my hair wet. The stylist, a man at one salon and women at the others, know what I want. To keep it neat between sets, I twist it into a ball and pin it up at night, and the next morning it is still okay. This way, a set will last me several days until I go out in the yard and get sweaty. More men would like this than let on, but many are sill up-tight and fear they would be considered effeminate. Not. I am masculine with a short beard. Claiming pleasures traditionally reserved for women does not make us women, cross-dressers, or gay. The gay men I know prefer short hair.

— Mark, 60